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Pews News


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Services of Prayer and Bible Reading

take place at 9am every day on our Facebook Page (@kingsdowncreekside) which is found at the bottom of the homepage of this website.

On Sundays this is streamed from Lynsted Church where all are welome to join physcially.

Whole Parish Services

This is a wonderful opportunity for all our churches to meet together in Worship. To share what we have been doing to strengthen our relationships with each other. We meet when there is a fifth Sunday in the month and on some other Sundays.

The next whole parish service is:

29th May 2022 at Newnham Church at 10.30am


Home Groups 

Alternate Tuesday mornings at Ann & Mort Hill's house, 10.00am- 12noon

Alternate Friday Evenings at 7.30pm at Francette Argivier's house

Friday Group meets in Doddington. For more information contact Lizzie Bayford


Lent Course - The Mystery of God


From Monday 28th February 8pm Doddington

From Wednesday 9th March 2pm Lynsted Chruch or 7.30pm on Zoom

Please Click here to book






Caring Hands Craft Club


Well believe it or not we’ve been going a year, numbers have remained
at ten attending regularly.
We’d love to see others come and join us, bringing new crafts with them.
There are four cars available to give any one a lift.

If you’re interested in joining us you can find
us in the Scout Hut, Conyer Road. We meet
on the second Wednesday of every month
at 1.30pm and you can contact me, Mary
Gollop 522165

We are busy in our free time making items to sell on our stall at the next
Teynham fete.
These are fun pin cushions, the bowls are
wooden made by my brother Geoffrey
Stanley, who by the way has made some
really lovely wooden bowls of different sizes
to be sold on the day, bird boxes and
wooden utensils.
Anns working on a tote bag, these are
really great, I want one.
Freda, Ann and Rita are knitting away, it ‘s lovely listening
to the chatter from this group.

Fancy a night out and a takeaway with other friendly ladies then come join us @ Teynham Scout hut.
Second Wednesday of the month